Are you looking for a partner who will bring your dream to life?

We design apartments, family houses and commercial buildings, we deal with new buildings and reconstructions. We offer a comprehensive service from the beginning of the project to its implementation and key handover.

We can only make your dream come true if we get to know you well. That’s why we ask a lot of questions first. We then create the design together and tailor to your real needs. We will help you with all stages of the project, including the selection of the place /plot and the compilation of the assignment, we take on all the worries and handling associated with the design and construction.

During our practice, we have established cooperation with verified suppliers and specialists, so we can always evaluate your property with a smaller or larger intervention. For large projects, we also help with the creation of a strategy for return on investment, defining the assignment for a sustainable design and creating documents for marketing and presentation of the project.


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We will advise you from the choice of land, to the last detail. We will help you understand the context of the place and choose the ideal location of the house on the plot. We will design variants of mass, layout and material solutions to find the best for you. The construction, technology and documentation will be taken care of by our designers. We will arrange the necessary permits and on the construction site, we will supervise for you that everything goes as you want.


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Do you have a specific property or are you looking for one? We will help you with the selection, design and implementation, including the selection of specific furnishing items. We deal with interior designs of furnished apartments and also Shell & core, we can solve the apartment as a whole or only its partial non-functioning part. We will show you that by renovating an apartment you can get a solution tailored to your needs even without compromises. In any apartment there is more potential than you can imagine.

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Where do you want to spend your free time? Are you attracted by the genius loci of old forgotten buildings, but you do not want to give up all comfort? Do you dream of a modern building in a secluded place, but do not know what is possible? We will help you find the best solution tailored to your lifestyle. We can help you not only with the design, permit and implementation, but also with the key decision-making when choosing a plot or property right at the beginning.


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Do you want to evaluate an existing property or are you planning a new building? We will help you with the design and implementation. Together with our partners, we will create a strategy and a plan for return on investment, on the basis of which we will then propose the ideal solution. You can contact us with a whole apartment building or just one sample unit, the solution can be in the form of Shell & core or designed to the last detail, including the selection of furnishing elements.


Reconstruction | new buildings | ROI strategy Assignment for sustainable | design materials for project presentation and marketing |

Are you dealing with a café, restaurant, office or any establishment or shop? We will help you with the design of new premises, but also with the reconstruction or change and rebranding of existing ones. We know what is needed for permission, we select suitable materials for a specific interior operation and we can find a balance between originality and practicality. Architectural design is always part of the impression and communication of the brand you create.